Earth Literacy Programs

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Narrow Ridge Programs are at the core of our mission and designed around the premise that immersion in nature combined with direct experience in a simpler, more sustainable way of living inspires inner and outer transformation.


Our Earth Literacy programs invite participants to take a restorative break from screen time, competition, and academic and workplace demands. 

Immersion in Nature

Surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian countryside, participants are provided daily opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural world and to experience themselves as members of the community of Earth, rather than as outside observers.

Sustainable Living

Narrow Ridge strives to incorporate aspects of sustainable living throughout the entire Earth literacy program experience:

  • Ecologically powered and constructed living quarters
  • Sharing plant-based meals and household chores
  • Hands-on learning about organic gardening
  • Mindfulness about consumption and waste
  • Visiting eco-homes of Narrow Ridge community members and learning about their paths toward sustainability
  • Participating in eco- building projects

Experiential Learning

Our Earth literacy programs offer a variety of service learning projects focused on sustainable living and experiences in nature including gardening, trail maintenance and eco-building projects.

Learning Together

We are all teachers, and we are all learners.

In honor of the wisdom that derives from intergenerational dialogue and collaboration, our Earth literacy programs welcome participants to join with program leadership and community members as we delve into issues such as mountaintop removal, conscious consumerism, bioregionalism, and sustainable agriculture and diet.

Alone Time

An important part of every Earth Literacy program is the portion of the day that is set aside for alone time. Participants are encouraged to find a special place in nature 1 to 2 hours each day, to rest, observe, meditate or just “be.” 

Strawbale Lodge

Home Away from Home

During their stay at Narrow Ridge, program participants live in our solar-powered and sustainably constructed Strawbale Lodge where they experience sustainable living first-hand. Program participant enjoy three delicious, vegetarian meals a day, often with produce that participants have personally harvested from our organic garden.  For more photos of Strawbale Lodge click here.


2017 Narrow Ridge Alumni, Abraham Elmir (video right) shares how his participation in a weeklong Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy program inspired his decision to pursue an environmental field of study. 

For other first-hand accounts of how Narrow Ridge’s Earth literacy programs are empowering participants to be agents of positive change on behalf of the Earth community, check out these Testimonials.

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