Narrow Ridge is now using to search the Internet. Every time we do so, with Narrow Ridge selected as our ‘favorite charity,” money is raised to support Narrow Ridge. It’s a modest return on its own: a penny a click, but joined with others the pennies can add up and help us in the work we do. We hope you’ll give it a try.

The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you’ll get the same quality search results that you’re used to. When you visit the GoodSearch website, you will see how simple it is to choose a designated charity. In addition, you can see how much has been raised, one penny a click.

There may be other charities that you support. This will work for them too, and we encourage you to provide your support in this painless fashion. The more people who use GoodSearch, the more support will be raised.

We hope that many of our “companions” will sign on for Narrow Ridge. We hope you’ll ask several of your friends, families and workplaces to sign on too, as together we continue to help in laying the foundations of an “ecozoic age”. All you have to do is click on this link to the GoodSearch site and get started in supporting Narrow Ridge every time you search the web!

Thank you for every click you make. Most of you know how it has always been small penny-saving and penny-making efforts that have carried the Farm through its journey from the beginning. Now penny-making can be fun and productive as well! The wonders of human inventiveness….