What is Earth Literacy?

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The Earth Literacy movement

For humans to solve the twin problems of preserving a livable environment and of restructuring self-destructive political and economic global relationships will require a radical shift in perception. The crisis represents a choice for the human species between the possibility of ultimate catastrophe or moving into a time of unparalleled fulfillment. To live at the time of such a once-in-a-lifetime-of-a-species choice is an incredible gift and an opportunity. To be unaware of such a gift and opportunity, to sleep through the “turning point” in life’s story, would be, for an individual, a colossal human tragedy.

The Earth Literacy curriculum

As a curriculum, Earth Literacy is more concerned with process and story than content and categories. It is interdisciplinary and experiential. If Earth Literacy were a tree, it could be said to draw its theoretical sustenance from four major root systems.

  • The PERCEPTUAL ROOT weaves together insights from new physical and perceptual science, including chaos theory, systems theory, holographic, etc. A central notion is Einstein’s claim that humankind must “master a new manner of thinking” in order to survive.
  • The ANALYTICAL ROOT reexamines hidden assumptions which direct our lives.
  • The COSMIC ROOT weaves together insights from ancient mystics and modern physics. A central notion is Berry’s description of the primary task we face: “We must redefine the human to re-inhabit the Earth.”
  • The HISTORICAL ROOT seeks to apply the wisdom of our past genius to the interpretation and resolution of our present crisis.