Terms of Use of the Natural Burial Preserve

Individuals who choose burial in the Natural Burial Preserve for themselves or loved ones have considered and agree to the following:

  1. Embalming of bodies buried in the Natural Burial Preserve is prohibited.
  2. Metal, fiberglass, or other non-biodegradable materials are prohibited in burial containers or coverings.
  3. Concrete vaults are prohibited in the Natural Burial Preserve.
  4. Scattering or burying of cremains is not permitted in the cemetery except for in special circumstances and upon approval by Narrow Ridge
  5. Stone grave markers are permitted, but the stone must be native to the area and consistent with the overall geology of East Tennessee.  
  6. Stone grave markers may not exceed an area of 2 square feet. 
  7. Stone grave markers must be laid flat (not erect) on the grave and must be laid under the supervision of Narrow Ridge staff.
  8. Engravings are allowed on grave markers, provided any such engravings are approved by the staff at the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in advance. 
  9. No synthetic flowers or memorabilia are permitted on gravesites.
  10. Only native plants may be planted in the Natural Burial Preserve, and all plantings require prior approval by Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center.
  11. Only organic soil, fertilizer, mulch or other amendments are permitted for use in the Natural Burial Preserve.
  12. Narrow Ridge staff will not serve as pall bearers or provide hands-on assistance with burials in the burial preserve. 
  13. Once all of the graves within a section of the Natural Burial Preserve are filled, natural succession will be allowed to occur resulting in the reforestation of that section of the burial preserve. 

The above is a summary of Terms of Use of the Natural Burial Preserve. The binding agreement must be signed prior to burial.

Additionally, during the covid-19 pandemic:

  1. A face masks or covering that properly covers the nose and mouth is required for anyone present at the Natural Burial Preserve for reserving a burial site or attending a burial.
  2. Social distancing from persons outside of your household or “Covid bubble” is required for burials or appointments for reservations in the Natural Burial Preserve.