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My experience at Narrow Ridge helped me to realize that I have been missing out on nature my whole life. Our selfish attempt to make human life as convenient as possible has resulted in the waste and misuse of our resources. Before Narrow Ridge, I didn’t know I could give my food scraps back to […]

This is an experience that everyone should have in their lifetime. It showed me how we have grown far way from nature and what we can do to help save the planet. As individuals on this planet, we continue the use and sometimes abuse/waste of our natural resources. We could do so much in helping […]

My time at Narrow Ridge was not only a lot of fun, but was also a lesson in realizing the deep and important interconnectedness between people, other beings and Earth. In order to be happy and healthy I realize it is important to maintain and embrace these connections whether it means taking the time to […]

The ability to know and understand the actions that are compromising our environment and the ability to feel, bond, and experience feelings with nature is a keepsake no one will ever be able to take away. Narrow Ridge offered an intimate encounter with nature that left its mark in the souls of many. Thanks! -Ingrid […]

The amazing activities we participated in at Narrow Ridge allowed me to see our world from a different perspective and appreciate all the living organisms that exist on our beautiful planet. Learning about the dangers we pose to Earth has caused me to change my old living habits. I no longer leave the lights on […]

You have no idea how this trip empowered me and helped me discover a part of myself I did not know. All of us are non-stop talking about out experiences and its something I will always take with me. I’m glad I am more aware of the horrible cycle I’ve been contributing to, but now […]