Summary of Terms of Lease

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Summary of Terms of Leasing a Site in the Narrow Ridge Community  Land Trust

Individuals who choose lease land within the Narrow Ridge Community Land Trust agree to the following terms:

  1. Leaseholders share financial responsibility for maintenance to common roads.
  2. Leaseholders are responsible for taxes on leased land and any structures on the leased land.
  3. A leaseholder may sell a lease site for no more than 3% per annum of an established base rate per acre plus the fair market value of any improvements to the lease site.
  4. The exploration, development, or extraction of stone or minerals (including oil, gas and coal) is prohibited.
  5. Hunting is prohibited.
  6. Leased land cannot be subdivided without approval by Narrow Ridge.
  7. Home(s) on the lease site are not to exceed 2500 square feet of livable space.
  8. Commercial use of leased land or structures on the land requires approval by Narrow Ridge.
  9. All structures greater than 50 square feet or taller than 15 feet require approval by Narrow Ridge prior to the start of construction.
  10. Unsustainable removal of growing trees, shrubs or herbs is prohibited (see lease agreement for details).
  11. All fencing or structures within 50 feet of a lease site boundary or greater than 6 feet in height require Narrow Ridge approval.
  12. Narrow Ridge approval is required for outdoor lighting with an aim at minimizing light pollution and preserving the night sky. 
  13. In an effort to prevent erosion and soil degradation, major excavation or road construction (e.g. driveway) requires consultation with a hydrologist or professional approved by Narrow Ridge.
  14. Above or in-ground disposal of hazardous materials is prohibited.
  15. The use of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and/or fungicides that pose a risk of polluting the air, and/or surface water is strictly prohibited.
  16. Narrow Ridge approval is required for above-ground installation of utility systems or extensions of existing utility systems.
  17. Materials deemed unsightly by Narrow Ridge and visible from a lease boundary line shall not be stored or erected.
  18. Signs may only be displayed if they do not diminish the scenic character of the land.
  19. Noise shall be held to a minimum.