Peace Camp

This 5 day Program is designed to aid in the discovery of inner peace as well as to promote peace within families, neighborhoods, schools and indeed the total Earth community.

While Narrow Ridge typically offers a summer Peace for Life Program which is open to the public for rising 9th to 11th graders, we are also happy to work with youth group leaders to provide a Peace for Life experience for church, school or other youth groups.

Each day is themed to guide participants on their journey of discovery.

PEACE FOR ME will give participants a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercises to help them look at themselves in a positive manner.

PEACE FOR US focuses on the peacemaking process within our daily relationships and emphasizes trust as the foundation for all thriving relationships.

PEACE FOR EVERYONE moves into the concept of justice, compassionate action, equality and group empowerment.

PEACE FOR THE PLANET explores how humans can work toward a mutually enhancing relationship with the rest of the Earth community.

PRACTICING PEACE addresses the question of “Now what?” as we prepare to depart and take our new knowledge and skills back to our communities where we can help others in the peace process.

Sample schedule

Participants will delve into a variety of issues central to achieving peace and justice. They will enter into dialogue with representatives of various religious communities and will interact with local educators and leaders in the quest for more peaceful relations on a regional and global scale. Most importantly, friendships will be formed that will last a lifetime!

Basic Information

Participants will stay in our sustainably built and off-grid Strawbale Lodge and served tasty vegetarian meals. The week will be filled with opportunities to enjoy nature with outdoor activities including working in the community garden, a day hike through Narrow Ridge’s 100 acres of protected Black Fox Wilderness, a night hike, star gazing and campfire.


This program is offered on a sliding scale from $50 – $500 depending on need and availability of scholarship funds.

Contact Mitzi Wood-Von Mizener, Director of Narrow Ridge at or 865-497-6303 for more information.

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