Sample Codicil


I, (name), a resident of the County of [county], State of [state], declare that this is the codicil to my last will and testament, which is dated [date original will signed]. 

I add or change said last will in the following manner: 

[List all changes or additions to the original will. Reference each section number of the will and the specific language you will be affecting. Here is where you could include a bequest to Narrow Ridge Center.

Sample Bequest Language:
I hereby give to the Trustees of Narrow Ridge Center, a Tennessee 501 C3 charitable corporation, Tax Identification number 58-1985875, the following: the sum of $______ OR _ percent (%) of my estate OR percent (__%) of the residue of my estate. The Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center shall use this gift for support of their work.

Otherwise, I hereby confirm and republish my will, dated [date original will signed], in all respects other than those herein mentioned. 

I subscribe my name to this codicil this [day, e.g. 1st] day of [month], [year] at [full address where signed], in the presence of [full name of the first witness to codicil], and [full name of second witness to codicil], attesting witnesses, who subscribe their names here in my presence. (you sign here) 

      ________________________________________, Maker 


On the date last above written, [name], known to us to be the person whose signature appears at the end of the codicil, declared to us, [full name of the first witness to codicil], and [full name of second witness to codicil], the undersigned, that the foregoing instrument, consisting of [number of pages of the codicil] page(s), was the codicil to the will, dated [date original will signed]; who then signed the codicil in our presence, and now in the presence of each other, we now sign our names as witnesses. 

[Names, signatures, addresses, and date two witnesses signed.]

Witness 1    Print Name ___________________________________   Date ________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________

Witness 2    Print Name ___________________________________   Date ________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________