Narrow Ridge Special Notice effective March 21, 2020

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As humans all across the planet cope with massive loss of life, illness, financial losses, separation from loved ones and the resulting anxiety and fear, we at Narrow Ridge send our love and wishes for safety, good health, access to health care as needed, and ways to connect with friends and family.

We also are asking ourselves what opportunities for learning and action this crisis presents. We’ve been thinking about the treasure of the open air, the fields, woodlands and streams and how they provide rich and safe opportunities to be together with other humans as well as the rest of the Earth community. We are thinking about our garden and how it feeds our bodies as well as our souls; how we are grateful for gardens and gardeners, farms and farmers and all the folks who make nourishing food available to us; for sunshine, wind, and rain; for the green of the season, birdsong, and our beloved pets.

As finances become more uncertain, we reflect on what is enough, and what do we value most. We are inspired as we hear others with similar reflections and questions, and we hope that we as a family of Earthlings will do more than make it to the other side. We hold the hope of a collective effort at re-envisioning and re-creating what it will look like when we get there. In the meantime, we like you, are hunkering down and doing what we can to contain the spread of this deadly virus. With this in mind, please see our public notice below:

In the interest of public health and concern about the global spread of the Corona Virus, Narrow Ridge’s office and rental facilities are closed until further notice. While we will not be receiving guests for in-person questions, tours, rentals, programs or community events, Narrow Ridge’s grounds remain open for those who wish to spend time on the land. We ask that all guests refrain from entering any Narrow Ridge building and maintain at least a six-foot distance from anyone they encounter while at Narrow Ridge.

To reach Narrow Ridge Director, Mitzi Wood-Von Mizener, please call her at 865-497-2753 between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

For information about the Natural Burial Preserve please call Bill Nickle at 865-497-3444. Calls after 5pm should only be made for urgent matters.

Thank you.