Burial Shrouds

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Certified by Green America with the highest Gold status 2008.
Certified by the Green Burial Council in 2005.

Narrow Ridge is an official reseller of the Kinkaraco 100% pure linen PURELIGHT burial shroud.

KINKARACO ® is a woman owned certified GREEN company.

From the front it appears to be a simple wrapped piece of cloth but inside it contains all the sophistication and strength needed for a successful, easy shroud burial – 4 handles for carrying, a board sewn inside the spine for stability and 4 lowering straps attached.

Made of 100% European linen in White Ivory. LINEN is the original fabric used for everything (including for burial shrouds) from the cradle of civilization. Made from plants in Northern Europe, refined in Ancient Egypt and highly prized by the Roman Empire, linen was the cloth used in the traditional Jewish funeral preparation of Jesus Christ by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. 

In keeping with our values to keep burial costs at a minimum, Narrow Ridge passes along a substantial discount with free local pick up.

If you wish to purchase a shroud for pick-up at Narrow Ridge, please fill out this order form and allow us 1-2 days to process your request and contact you to arrange a pick-up.

Call us at 865-497-2753 or email community@narrowridge.org with any questions about burial shrouds.

Product Description and Sizing

The PURELIGHT ™ comes with:

BACK #1 = ENDFINITY™ LOWERING BOARD & STRAPS ATTACHED- Contains: 4 handles, 4 lowering straps and a board in the spine for ultimate stability. (NOTE: XL has a total of 6 handles / 6 lowering straps and requires 6 strong pallbearers or grounds crew to lower (3 on either side of shroud).

*ALL shrouds have a strong canvas back, handles, and a thick 100% cotton lining for leakage protection.

Comes in 3 sizes:

SM/MED: (5′ 0 & under) Average weight (90-150 lbs.) 

LARGE: (Up to 6′) Average weight (125- 250 lbs.)

XL: (Up to 6’4″) (195 – 350lbs.) Contains 6 handles and 6 lowering straps