25-Year Anniversary Campaign

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“The Great Turning is a name for the essential adventure of our time:
the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”
–Joanna Macy

Narrow Ridge has a long history of creating worthwhile initiatives that embody its cornerstone values–Sustainability, Community, Spirituality. Examples include protecting 600 acres of rural land, providing a place for spiritual retreat and renewal for visitors and residents alike, establishing the state’s first approved natural burial grounds, and building community both among those who come to Narrow Ridge because they believe in its mission as well as with local folk on the relatively remote, north side of Clinch Mountain in Grainger County.

But the main focus for the 25th anniversary campaign is in support of our work in this time of climate crisis with university students and faculty around issues of experiential education that connect the dots between sustainability and social justice (local land use, food, energy, housing, etc.). One of our key programs involves bringing university students to Narrow Ridge for an Earth Literacy immersion experience with the rationale, you can’t care about something and advocate on its behalf if you have little first-hand knowledge of it. The world desperately needs young people in this digital, screen-based era of ours with the motivation to balance 24/7 technology and social media overload with re-connecting in a very personal way with our one and only life-sustaining habitat, Earth. Prospects for a peaceable and just future for all Earth’s inhabitants depend on nothing less.

The 25th anniversary campaign is your opportunity to share in the work of this “Great Turning” by making a legacy gift to insure more young people can continue to access the Earth Literacy experience at Narrow Ridge. For persons in a financial position to make a legacy gift, we are asking you to consider a gift of $750 or more. In all cases and in recognition that individual circumstances will vary, donations of any size will be greatly appreciated. On-line donations can be made by clicking “Give” at the top of this page and then “Donate”, or you can send donations to:

Narrow Ridge Center
1936 Liberty Hill Rd
Washburn, TN 37888

Thank you!