Summer Residency Covid Protocol

Summer 2021 Residency Covid Protocol

  1. All participants and NR program staff who have not received the Covid vaccine agree to a 2-
    week period of voluntary self-isolation prior to the start of the Program.
  2. All non-vaccinated participants and NR program staff provide proof of negative COVID 19
    test results for a test taken in the week prior to the program.
  3. A COVID 19 specific liability waiver and agreement will be signed by participants. This waiver
    will be in addition to the general liability waiver already in use at Narrow Ridge Center (see
    attached COVID 19 waiver/agreement). The COVID 19 waiver form specifies the following:
    • Narrow Ridge is not responsible should the participant test positive for COVID 19
    following the program.
    • The participant will have their temperature checked at the time of arrival and will not
    be permitted to stay if a fever is detected.
    • The participant will not enter any buildings other than those used for the program.
    • The participant agrees to wear a face mask and maintain a 6-foot distance from any
    person they encounter outside of the program and to wear a face mask when inside
    any Narrow Ridge buildings other than Strawbale Lodge. (A face mask may not be
    required if outdoors and if keeping a 6-foot distance from individuals outside of the
    • The participant verifies that he/she/they has tested negative for COVID 19 and has
    not had symptoms of COVID 19 in the past two weeks.
    • The participant agrees to daily temperature checks using a thermometer for accurate
    • The participant agrees to alert the NR Director if he/she/they tests positive for
    COVID 19 or presents with fever or other symptoms of COVID 19 during or 2 weeks
    after their stay at NR.
    Should the participant present with symptoms during the program, he/she/they
    will immediately be isolated from other participants and may be required to vacate
    the premises, depending on the participant’s ability to travel.
    Prior to their arrival, parents are required to submit a plan for their early return
    home should they contract the Covid 19 virus