Summer Residency

Narrow Ridge Summer Residency 2021

This summer from May 17 – July 31, 5 individuals (college students or recent graduates) will reside in Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center’s Strawbale Lodge, our newly renovated, solar-powered, eco dwelling. We are anticipating that these residents will live in a ‘Covid Bubble” and follow comply with our safety protocol.

Goals/Learning Outcomes

As a result of completion of the Summer Residency in Earth Literacy and Sustainable Living, participants will:

  • be able to articulate a definition of “Earth literacy” as well as how Earth literacy serves as a framework for understanding and responding to social and ecological injustice;
  • have a deepened awareness of self as a member of a diverse and interconnected Earth community;
  • gain first-hand experience of living in a community working toward sustainability;
  • understand the role of community land trusts in sustainable development and land conservation; 
  • be able to plan and prepare a weeklong vegetarian menu;
  • be able to plan a community garden including crop selection and placement, care, and harvest essentials;
  • gain first-hand knowledge of off-grid, solar-powered living and demonstrate basic understanding of residential-scale, solar-voltaic energy systems;
  • gain knowledge of the ecological impacts of conventional burials and cremations in the US and the social and ecological benefits of natural burial as exemplified by Narrow Ridge’s Natural Burial Preserve;
  • identify two or more personal or collective actions that can contribute to a more sustainable, personally fulfilling and socially just world;
  • gain experience and competency in “Residency in Earth Literacy and Sustainable Living” recognized with a Certificate of Completion in Residency in Earth Literacy and Sustainable Living.

Components of the Program

On the first week of Residency, participants will participate in a weeklong Earth literacy program which emphasizes immersion in nature and sustainable living. The program will include three vegetarian meals per day, orientation to Narrow Ridge and Earth literacy, tour of eco-facilities, a day hike, stargazing with night hike, organic gardening, and other activities centered on sustainable living and Earth literacy.

After the first week, participants will receive instruction in vegetarian meal preparation with food supplies provided by Narrow Ridge. Ultimately, participants will be responsible for preparing their own communal meals with food supplies provided by Narrow Ridge (including produce from the Narrow Ridge garden). At least one meal a week will be shared with Narrow Ridge staff.

Gardening: 4 – 5 days per week

Assisting with expanding and maintaining trails on Narrow Ridge land.

Assisting with the construction of a trail kiosk at the head of the trail into Narrow Ridge’s Black Fox Wilderness.

Ample time for solitude and reflection

Weekly film nights and discussions.

Weekly discussion of selected readings.

Participation in weekly Intern/Staff meetings.

Participation in a June Vision Fast, an 8-day guided experience for persons seeking clarity and peace about life’s directions centered around three days and nights of solitary fasting in a mountain wilderness setting.

hiker by stream
It makes a difference

Other activities based on individual participants’ interests and skills.

Individual or group presentation at conclusion of program on the Residency experience with aid of photos and video.

Cost: $3000 per participant

How to Apply

Residency Candidates should send a letter of interest, resume and contact information for three references (at least 2 of which are professional/academic references) to:

How Funded

  • Participants are encouraged to personally contribute to the cost of the program as they are able.
  • Participants are encouraged to seek sponsors or to create fundraising campaigns to meet program expenses.
  • NR will seek to identify colleges/universities that provide funding for student Residency and recruit participants from those institutions. Students interested in becoming a Narrow Ridge Summer Resident are encouraged to identify funding sources within their college or university (e.g. Student Life programs, Independent Study programs, Bonner Scholars Program).
  • NR scholarship funding will be made available for partial funding of Residency.



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