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The Narrow Ridge Center is a nonprofit organization established to study, teach and demonstrate sustainability with solar powered rental facilities and homes that have been “off the grid” since 1991. Narrow Ridge is dedicated to providing experiential learning of Earth Literacy based on the cornerstones of spirituality, sustainability, and community.   We are located on the […]

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What is Earth Literacy?

We are all teachers and we are all learners We are all part of just one community We are aware of our relationship with others, nature and the divine We seek to look closer & deeper so as to see farther & wider

Narrow Ridge and Earth Literacy

“Narrow Ridge” does not refer to a geographical location or a geological structure. Rather, it is a place in the heart. “Narrow Ridge” is a phrase that originated with Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber. For Buber, the Narrow Ridge was the place between the “I and the Thou,” as opposed to the “I and the it.” […]

Vision Fast – Spring 2023

Vision Fast at Narrow Ridge…a guided experience for persons seeking clarity and peace about life directions centered around three days and nights of solitary fasting in a mountain wilderness setting. Claim your spot for the Spring 2023 Vision Fast program! Join our waitlist. Limited spaces available. Participants in this program will experience two and a half […]

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Music Jam musicians on Becky Barn stage

Narrow Ridge Community Music Jams are always a fun time with friends and neighbors. Come out and share a song or simply enjoy the talents of others. Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center Calendar