What We Need to Understand

aaron and vanw boys inspiration point (Custom)You are born to play an important role in an incredible story. When you discover your role, your life will have meaning. Hundreds of millions of years were required to prepare for this moment in earth’s history and for the role you now have an opportunity to play.

In your role, your potentials are many. You carry in the DNA in your cells the wisdom of the ages. Your body is made up of the same atoms shared by all of the physical universe. During the next seven years you will exchange every atom in your body; thus, you will take part in a process of transformation and creation begun 15 billion years ago.

The moment you awakened into life as an infant, the world you were born into began to lull you back to sleep. Whether you recognize your role will depend on whether you awaken from the sleep. For the human species, awakening is the climax of a growing up process which began more than a million years ago.

Most educational institutions function to deepen your sleep. Society’s institutions depend on your remaining asleep. If you wake up, you will see the world differently. Most of the things you are taught to think are important will no longer seem important. You will become absorbed in a story that does not require you to ‘succeed’ and to ‘consume.’ Whereas to be successful in our present society requires you to remain in a sleep-like trance.

The trance-world is filled with many good people who love their children and want the best for them, but who are destroying Earth’s life-support systems their children will need to survive. “Goodness” is not the issue. Neither is evil. There are no villains whose identification and elimination will solve our problem. For the young human species to play a role in life’s next chapter in earth’s story, a critical mass of human consciousness must awaken soon. As one tiny, fragile person, your life can make a difference.