What is An Earth Literacy Center?

DSCN0084 (Custom)An Earth Literacy Center is like a community health clinic serving the Earth where individuals can conveniently drop in to check out their own “levels of consciousness.” Three models for centers that meet different needs have emerged.

The first model is a simple information center. Such a center can be easily set up by a school, library, church, synagogue, environmental group, or in someone’s home. It consists of a small collection of key audio and video tapes, books and other printed materials available on loan.

The second model includes additional audio visual and printed resources that reflect the specific concerns of each particular center. Members of the center offer Earth Literacy workshops and programs to groups in the areas of spiritual, economic, political, ecological or social concerns. Also, non-credit and continuing education courses may be offered through local schools and colleges.

In the third level model, courses for college credit are offered in an off-campus facility provided by the center. Some center members may qualify to teach as adjunct faculty for one or more co-operating colleges or universities. Learners in these centers can receive both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

All models are based on the Earth Literacy concepts as found in No Limits to Learning: Bridging the Human Gap, the writings of Thomas Berry and many other sources. An historian and geologian, Berry proposes a new college curriculum for the Ecological Age. In his book,The Dream of the Earth, he describes the awesome task of education as “redefining the human to re-inhabit the Earth.”